Chicago Rope August, Aug. 13: Rope Handling and Body Mechanics

Chicago RopeCHICAGO — This class is about speed… Hot, nasty, badass speed. Rope handling is one of the most important aspects of tying one can invest in. It allows us to move with ease, tie confidently, and stay engaged with our partners rather than fiddling with our rope. This hands-on class will include various exercises to improve the ways we move our rope and our bodies. –Ronin– will show some of the tips and tricks he’s learned over the years about how bodies move and how to utilize them to improve the flow of a rope scene.

Requirements: 3-5 natural fiber ropes 25-30 ft. A non-collapsing single column cuff

Rope Bondage 102: Single Column and Futomomo

with Chicago Rope Staff

Chicago Rope’s Fundamentals of Japanese Rope Bondage series is designed to provide a solid foundation in Japanese rope for people with absolutely no experience tying. This three-month series repeats four times a year, starting in January, April, July, and October. While we recommend that you start with Rope 101 and take the series in order, if you already have some rope experience and are a fast learner, you can join at any time.

This month, join us for Rope 102: Single Column and Futomomo, which will get you started on the non-collapsing single column tie and the futomomo, two of the core ties of Japanese-style bondage that will help you to develop the skills to move on to more complex ties.


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