Chicago Puppy Patrol at Full Moon Firejam

CHICAGO — Join Chicago Puppy Patrol for a magical night of drums and fire spinners. This event is totally FREE and open to anyone. If you’ve never been to a Full Moon Fire Jam you won’t be disappointed. This event is weather depended so please check back for updates the day of the event.

June 8th at 6:30pm
July 6th at 6:30pm
August 8th at 6:30pm
September 9th at 6:30pm
October 5th at 5:30pm

The field is by the lake at Lakeshore Dr. You can access it from the bike path or by walking through the Argyle/ LSD underpass. Just follow the drum beats.

FMFJ details: The Full Moon Jams’ unite performing artists and spectators through a love and appreciation of fire art. Encompassing myriad performance styles and tools, fire dancers from the greater Chicago area and Great Lakes share their creative gifts by the shore of Lake Michigan, set to the percussive beats of local musicians, in this unique and free to the public monthly event taking place through Spring and into Fall.

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