Chicago Pride Ride – June 23rd 2013

CHICAGO – Sunday, June 23rd, the week before the Chicago Pride Parade 2013, hop on your motorcycle and let’s have a Pride Ride!

Ride for LGBT Pride.
Ride for Leather Pride.
Ride for Boy Pride.
Ride for Pup Pride.
Ride for Girl Pride.
Ride for Master/slave Pride.
Ride for BDSM/Kink Pride.
Ride for some other Pride that I haven’t remembered to list.
Ride because… you want to be with the rest of us!

The ride will have two legs, one starting in the Northern Chicago Burbs and coming down Sheridan Ave to Evanston, and the second leg taking Sheridan to Lake Shore Drive, down to Belmont, a quick hop over to Halsted and then up Halsted to finish the ride.

Leg 1 – 10am to 11am – Fort Sheridan, Lake Bluff, IL to Dawes Park, Evanston IL
Meet at the Metra Station opposite Ft. Sheridan (Old Elm Rd. and Sheridan Rd.)
We’ll wind our way down Sheridan Rd to Dawes Park, Evanston IL.

Leg 2 – 11am to noon – Dawes Park, Evanston IL to Halsted/Broadway, Chicago IL
If you want to meet up at Dawes Park, join up and we’ll head out to Sheridan, then Lake Shore Drive, down Belmont to Halsted, then up Halsted.

Lunch after
To be determined… leave a suggestion in the comments! IHOP is probably not a good idea with little parking.

$10 per rider suggested donation – money will go to the Senior LGBT programs at the Center on Halsted. While Chicago celebrates Pride, there are seniors who are forgotten, who have to go back in the closet, who don’t have good resources to connect and live a dignified life. The Center provides Seniors with programs, regular lunches 3x/week and outreach help. The Center has also broken ground on a new LGBT Senior living facility at the old Cop Shack right there at Broadway/Halsted.

Doesn’t matter what you ride… come join us and show your pride!