Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable to tackle structural tools in May discussion

CHICAGO — The Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable will cover Structural Tools & Their Effectiveness in Power Exchange.

From the Fetlife event:

Tools that create structure in power exchange can help define and shape a dynamic, and be useful in establishing stability, security, anticipation – rituals, protocol, personal growth assignments being some of those tools. Using such tools are a part of the personal choices we make in building our power exchange relationships. What structural tools are a part of your power exchange, or interest you? Are they initiated top down? Or developed as a collaboration between both sides of the slash? How important are they to maintaining a cohesive relationship? How emotionally satisfying?

And on the flip side of the coin, what about more organic or spontaneous experiences in power exchange? Can they be disruptive? Create ambiguity? Or be enlightening?

Bring your experiences / ideas / questions / curiosity to our May Roundtable. Whether you are now or have been in a relationship, or you’re new, looking for understanding / perspective, this is for you! Whatever your power exchange interest may be- Sir/boi, M/s, D/s, Owner, Trainer/pup, or any other relationship that may defy labels but incorporates consensual power exchange, we welcome all.

The roundtables will be at the Leather Archives & Museum at 6418 N Greenview in Chicago. The discussion starts at 3 p.m. and is free to attend.