Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable: Talking about Boundaries in Power Exchange

CHICAGO — Saturday, Nov 18. – Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable discussion group meets, talking about boundaries in power exchange.

In power exchange, boundaries take on a new level, and with that comes new awareness, new responsibility / new surrender.

Boundaries define where we end and where others begin. Our boundaries are the skin we live in, not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Within the matrix of a power exchange dynamic, what issues or challenges do boundaries present? What do we give up & what do we gain, whether on the top or the bottom side of the relationship? How do we respect boundaries, and how do we let go? How do we manage boundaries with co-existing relationships?

Come join the conversation Saturday, November 18th at the Leather Archives & Museum (6418 N Greenview, Chicago IL). Group discussion starts at 3:00pm & is free to attend. Our roundtable ends at 5:00pm. Afterwards, those who wish to can join with us for dinner (pay your own way, inexpensive) at a nearby restaurant, where we can relax and enjoy getting to know each other.

The Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable is a discussion & social group for everyone 18 and over who is involved in, exploring, or curious about power exchange relationships. This includes M/s, D/s, Sir/ boy, and Trainer relationships, as well as any other relationships that defy labels but incorporate consensual power exchange. Attendees do not need to be actively in a relationship to attend, and all levels of experience (including none!) are welcome!

Mimi Sandeen