Chicago Power Exchange: Keeping the harmony going, May 20

CHICAGO — Our May topic for the Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable…

A power exchange relationship often exists within the context of other intimate or play relationships, and that can pose interpersonal challenges. Some of the possible configurations:

– polyamory that includes both a power exchange relationship, and a non-power exchange or vanilla relationship
– a household or leather family with more than one sub or slave
– a triad composed of a power exchange couple and a switch who relates with each of the other partners
– a monogamous relationship with limited power exchange elements, but not necessarily satisfying the needs of one of the partners
– play relationship(s) that do not conform with the main power exchange dynamic’s expectations

So, should they appear, how do we negotiate conflicting needs / feelings that can crop up within ourselves or for our partners when our power exchange is at variance with some other part of an intimate relationship or relationships? How do we keep the harmony going when the notes are clashing, or our songs feel out of sync?

Come join in the discussion @ Leather Archives & Museum (6418 N Greenview, Chicago IL), on Saturday, May 20th.

For more details, go to The Illinois Eagle.