Chicago Leathermen’s Group Inaugural March Meeting

CHICAGO – What we’re discussing this month.

As this is our first meeting, our discussion will be “How to reach out and educate each other”. We will be talking about how we can educate and even mentor each other, how it used to be done and how we can adapt and grow in an age where men reach for Google first to get their questions answered, versus reaching out to each other. We’ll also be discussing what topics we want to cover in the future and where Chicago Leathermen’s Group can go from here.

CLG is a group of men who gather to share and teach each other and anyone who identifies as a man interested in learning about leather, BDSM and kink. We believe that face to face education and mentoring still has a place is this new world of tablets, phones and computers. We will have discussions or demos on the third Thursday of the month.

The meeting will be at Touche at 6412 North Clark Street in Chicago.