Chicago Leather Alliance of Women, Knife Play, Aug. 28

CHICAGO – Calling all sharp and shiny types!!!

CLAW will be discussing and maybe demoing depending on who all brings sharp things – Knife Play –

We will be getting to the point on why knife play can cut through vulnerability and how sharply in focus the play can be

Do you like it? is it too “edgy?” dangerous or more?

Let’s delve into the use of knives as well as the mindfuck around them!

See you the 4th Thursday Aug 28 at 8 p.m. at Touche!

You must be 21 or over as this is in a private room in a bar – this is open to all of those living their lives as a woman no matter your sexual orientation, experience or scene roles! just come out and learn about knife play!!!

Chicago Leather Alliance of Women