Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Vendor’s Fair, Aug 2nd

CHICAGO – Crimson Moon Summer Vendor’s Fair takes place Saturday August 2nd at the Hyatt Place in Schaumburg Illinois. Featuring vendors from all over the states and beyond here to meet all your toy bag needs and then some!

Here is the AWESOME list of vendors that are lined up:

Compassrose Creations ( — Do you love giving a good spanking? Or maybe you need to receive that spanking. Whether you’ve been naughty or good, having the right paddle makes all the difference in the enjoyment…whether giving or receiving. I am Miss Rose and I consider myself a paddle artist. I work with a wide variety of exotic hardwoods from around the world and I am extremely proud to say that every paddle and sensation toy that comes out of my shop is hand crafted by me. I choose the shape and design of each paddle very carefully. I work hard to make the most of the beauty, color, texture and grain of each board…not to just get the maximum number of cookie-cutter paddles from a board. I check each paddle, myself, with a cracking blow to my thigh, arm or backside–checking for soundness in every piece. I check for quality in every step…I sand each paddle in seven separate sanding processes…and every piece gets its first coat of oil applied with my own bare hands, which gives me the opportunity to make that last final sensory inspection. Please browse my website and stop by my booth at Crimson Moon to lay your hands on your next perfect paddle.

Big Bubba’s Whoopin’ Wonders — Chicago’s FAVORITE handmade leather and wooden spanking implements & leather bracelets.

Honeybee Kink ( — Pretty toys that sting. Honeybee Kink handmakes floggers out of wonderfully colorful, interesting materials(paracord, plastic lacing and ball chain) and sells them for an awesome price. They are super stingy and a favorite of many a sadist (and masochist too).

Bum Rap Productions — ( — DVDs from Tasha Lee and Yoni’s company, combining excellence in script, acting and film production to create the finest in spanking erotica. Among Bum Rap titles are Dreamscape andThe Flaming of the Shrew, the only spanking titles to appear in major film festivals.

Rapture Leather ( — Rapture Leather offers top quality leather floggers, cuffs, collars, and more at reasonable prices. We will always give quality customer service and the highest quality products. Your leather items from Rapture Leather are made from only the finest available leather and hardware available.

Cowboy Steve ( — Quality toys including vintagerazor strops and whips.

Madame Wiladina ( — Madame Wiladina is friendly and knowledgeable and is more than happy to assist you in order to make your on-line shopping experience rival those of the fanciest in-store Boutiques. The Madame Wiladina Boutique focuses on steel boned corsets for the woman who celebrates her curves. Corsets come in various textiles from size 26 to 40. Complete your look with hosiery, cosplay wigs, and skirts. Exclusively found only at the Boutique is beautiful chainmail in many colors to cover every mood. Hand crafted by the talent of BigBadGreen. For the first time we have non fire cupping sets . Plus toy chests for your new toys.

Toolworks Chicago — A Crimson Moon favorite to find Floggers, paddles, canes, and much more.

MaMa Blue — Leather implements w/ hand turned wooden handles, Items from my own vast collection, wood paddles, fiberglass canes, & a hodge podge of various items for the spanking & or kinky enthusiast

Sarah Greggory – Sarah Gregory of will be vending DVDs of her videos including some new never seen footage, Signed photo postcards, plenty of different spanking toys (paddles, straps, canes….etc.) as well as her new tee-shirts with sayings such as… “Spank Me” “I Spanking Naughty Boys” I Spanking Naughty Girls” and “Daddy’s Little Girl.” She will have a few school girl skirts/cheer skirts and misc. clothing items left over from her last vending show

TripleAAA -John Osborne of will be vending DVDs of his videos as well as T-Shirts with cute sayings, and animal Onesies which are super cute.

Mike Tanner – along with and his boardwalk badness entourage will be selling their strictly soothing lotion, lickin stick, tanner reformatory strap and our new otk tanner strap.

Masterdick and his partner will vending Video’s (VHS), ladies clothing , book and Mags, and toys.

Creations by Cas – rubber floggers, paddles and other BDSM items made from inner tubes and other recycled items. In addition, steam punk jewelry, also made from recycled inner tubes and other bike parts is available. Custom items can also be made.

Ms. Cassandra Park – She is back, with more hand-designed spanking related T-shirts, and yes, due to numerous requests, there will be WOMEN’s T-shirts this year, too, plus tank tops for the summer. She’ll also be featuring tote bags and maybe a few other hand-designed surprises. Autographed print copies of “It’s SUPPOSED to Hurt” will be on sale for $8 each.

Spanking Resources and One Lusty wench will also be vending!