Chicago Community Chats: Drop and Aftercare on June 16

CHICAGO — Chicago Community Chats (C3) will have their next class on Saturday, June 16, at the Humbolt Park Branch of the Chicago Public Library. This month’s topic is “Drop and Aftercare.”

From the Fetlife announcement:

You just had an awesome scene or a whirlwind weekend! Now what? How do you get yourself out of that warm puddle? Put the monster back in its box? Deal with the feels you didn’t expect when you negotiated? Reconcile the conflicting emotions that didn’t surface until hours or days later? And do all this while caring for your partner(s) that are going through any or all the above themselves?

In this chat we’ll talk about ways of doing aftercare, how to recognize our needs, tips for self-care, and more. This will be a timely chat for all you rope crafters and kinky campers!

If you want, bring your favorite aftercare snacks to share! We can also bring and show what we keep in our bag for aftercare: blanket, pillow, etc (public venue appropriate, of course)!


We will be in the large meeting room at the Humbolt Park Branch of the Chicago Public Library. The meeting room is through the doors directly to the left when you enter the library. Discussion will begin at 2PM and wrap up at 4PM. Please be mindful and respectful of library staff and patrons as you enter and leave the library.

The library is at North Ave. and Troy St. (near Kedzie Ave) and can be reached via the 72 North Ave bus (Albany stop). The library has a small parking lot off of Albany Ave.


  • VANILLA DRESS CODE! Absolutely no nudity, kink or sex play will be allowed.

  • This is an educational event for talking and learning about kink, not a place for kinky flirting or picking up partners.

  • This is a private and confidential discussion. Our goal is an open, free flowing, laid back conversation where everyone is engaged and learning something. Kink is deeply personal, and we want to empower people to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable in this space.

  • Outside the discussion area please respect the other venue patrons and staff, and be mindful of your conversation topics and voice volume. Feel free to share what you’ve learned to other fellow kinksters, but without sharing the identity or personal details of other participants.

C3 is a community-centric group that hosts monthly discussion events. Their mission is to create a space for open discussion and mutual learning, to actively foster a community and culture based in kink-positivity, sex-positivity, consent, inclusion and exploration.

You can RSVP at