The Chicago Beach Munch, July 19th

CHICAGO – What’s the Chicago Beach Munch? It’s a low-pressure, casual social gathering for kinky people…ON THE BEACH! The Chicago Beach Munch is open to anyone who enjoys fun in the sun and meeting like-minded folks. If you are new to kink, new to the area, or just coming out to the community after private play, please come out and see us!

Date & Time: Saturday, July 19, 2014 ·12:00 PM – 4:00 PM  
Montrose Beach

4501 N. Simonds Dr. (at Montrose Beach), Chicago, IL 60640

Cost: Free; see “Food/Drink” sub-heading for details.
Dress code: Beachy street legal – absolutely NO nudity.

Expected behavior:

  • Although you may choose to wear a bathing suit (not required), this event is meant to be first and foremost a social networking event.
  • Not everyone who attends the munch is fully open, and some may suffer discrimination if unintentionally “outed.”
  • Please refrain from any kind of play, keep your hands to yourself (unless you’ve been given permission, of course), and please keep in mind that we are in a highly visible, public, family-oriented area.
  • The munch should be considered an opportunity to meet like-minded people and forge friendships.

What can I bring?

  • Towels, beach blankets, chairs
  • FOOD and DRINK (BYOB – already prepared beach food)
  • A positive attitude! 🙂


Although the beach rules state that alcohol is not allowed on the beach, as long as it’s NOT GLASS, we shouldn’t have any issues. The Chicago Beach Munch organizers are not responsible for your consumption.


  • If you attended the June munch, it’s in the same place. Here is a map!When you park and wander down to the beach, we’re ON THE SAND near the “Daniel’s Mexican Food” stand. It’s north of “The Cove” restaurant and the volleyball nets and south of the Dog beach, or, right in the middle of Montrose Beach.
  • We will have a large rainbow umbrella as well as a bi flag (purple, pink, and blue).

Questions? Concerns?

Contact the organizers: @claire_beare@TheGrumpiestCat@Fourstring_vibes, or @QuantumTruth.

Join the group here to stay up to date on future events.