Changes with Indianapolis Kink Society

Indianapolis Kink Society, IKSINDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Kink Society is looking at some changes with the resignation of a board member and the closing of the 501 Eagle.

Bytchwithflair announced earlier this week that she would be stepping down from the group’s board due to health reasons. From her journal on Fetlife:

I was diagnosed with FAP (familial adenomatous polyposis) when I was a teen. This diagnosis is essentially saying that at some point I will most likely have colon cancer by my late 30’s early 40’s.

In the past couple months I have begun to have the symptoms of colon cancer.

Does this mean I have cancer? Absolutely NOT! However I can no longer avoid the testing as the symptoms I am experiencing are becoming more severe. I have dealt with them the best I possibly can. But now they are to the point that if I continue to ignore them I’m not only risking myself but others and that I can not allow.

So the answer is simple right??? Have a colonoscopy and bam we will know? When in actuality it’s more complicated than that. If its not colon cancer (please don’t let it be) then something else is seriously wrong and I will be getting tested until we know what it is.

If that wasn’t enough I have a uncle who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is the 4th member in my family to have this nasty little beast. I have no worries on that score as that is a issue I’ll deal with when I’m older. Yes, I’m at a higher risk for it but it is more likely to occur when I’m in my 50’s or older.

So due to these circumstances I am officially resigning as an IKS board member. I cannot continue to juggle all of this and keep everyone’s, including my own, best interest at heart.

IKS board member ILoveLamp said in a post to the group early Thursday morning that there would be a new election to fill the vacancy on Sept. 23. The election will be at IKS’s Fourth Friday slosh at the 501 Eagle. Those who are interested in running for the board or in nominating someone can do so on the post before Sept. 23.

ILoveLamp also said that the IKS, which held its sloshes and the 501, will be looking for a new space. If the bar that agrees to host the sloshes does not allow for a play space, then those activities may have to take place at members’ homes.

The group is also still working on the new potential play space that was announced back in April. Due to a lack of volunteers, work has been progressing slowly on it. With enough help, the space could be ready to use by October or November. If you’re in the Indianapolis area and would like to help get the new space ready, you can fill out this form and you’ll be contacted by ILoveLamp.