Changes at Fringe Elements

Fringe Elements LogoLOUISVILLE – If you’ve been paying attention, you know that we recently moved, from the location in Buechel where we had so many issues due to the zoning, which was not as it was represented to us when the lease was signed.

We have a new location that is both appropriately zoned, which we have confirmed, and outside the Beuchel area.  We are out off 7th Street now.  For those of you who remember The Mix fondly, we are about two miles from that location.  We feel certain the strippers and bar patrons are far more Christian than the uncharitable St. Martha’s parish.

We have moved our equipment and other items in, and we particularly want to thank all of you who came out and helped us move out, move in, or set up the space.  We literally could not have done it without you, and your help, and your support, is more appreciated than we can say.

We’ll be opening our doors again, too, in the next weeks.  We expect to be back to normal the first of the year, but in the meantime, there are still things going on.

In addition to the physical changes, there have been some changes and shifts on the Board of Directors, as well as a redefining of some roles.  Daddy Jay has left the Board of Directors.  Other areas of his life have needed more of his time and attention, and he has chosen to step away from the Board.  He was instrumental in much of the legal formation and paperwork of Fringe Elements, as well as a big part of our center, in every sense.  We expect we’ll still see him as his time and schedule permit.

With that change came an obvious opportunity to restructure our Board of Directors in ways that both made better sense and also reflected both the actual roles and talents of the Directors.  Towards that end, Ms Constance is going to move to the position of Education Director, responsible for developing and implementing Fringe Elements events and classes, as well as working with other individuals and groups on planning events at the space.

Kenny, our own Leather Queer, is going to step into the Executive Director Position, and be more involved in coordinating the various areas and activities of the space, as well as working with all the Directors and Coordinators.  Since the original idea of the space was his, it’s fitting that it come back around.

We anticipate a few more shifts and changes, possibly the addition of some new positions and individuals, but we want to reassure you that these are changes, no more.  Fringe Elements plans to go on, and to be a gathering place for our community, and we are grateful for your continued support.

We hope to see you out at our space soon.  Please bear in mind that all events require Membership in Fringe Elements.  Yearly membership is $5.

Fringe Elements