Centaur MC Donates $4,000 to LA&M, Receives Lifetime Membership

Centaur MCCHICAGO – Following Centaur MC’s 2013 Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend, the organization made a donation of $4,000 to the Leather Archives & Museum.  The Washington DC based organization has contributed $13,000 to the LA&M since 2011.  In recognition of their outstanding support, the Leather Archives named Centaur MC as a Lifetime Member of the organization.

Centaur MC’s diverse and generous philanthropic activities have supported numerous charitable organizations in the NorthEast US and around the country.  Rick Storer, Executive Director of the LA&M said “Leather and motorcycle clubs have made a serious effort to support the preservation of their history and legacies.  Centaur MC has been a leader in this endeavor.  The Leather Archives exists because organizations like the Centaurs understand the need to preserve traditions and history.”

More information about Centaur MC can be found on their website.