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Community Comment is a reader-written column. Think of it as the Letters to the Editor. All viewpoints are welcome and are only edited for punctuation and grammar. To submit for Community Comment, email your piece to [email protected] or use our Submissions Page.

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On Traditions, Community Evolution, and Social/Sexual Orientations

I am an unashamed, unapologetically, Sarcastic, Gay, GenXer, Middle-Aged Guard, LeatherMan with three Priorities; Beating, Drinking, and Fucking. Preferably in that order, but I’ll take what I can get. Traditions “never” change Earlier this year, I was holding up a cloth weave jockstrap and commented to boy johnathan, “I’m more of a traditional Leatherman, I…

Community Comment: Unity

This weekend, while at the SINergy kink/Leather/sex positive event in Lansing, Michigan, I had a moment of clarity: As a fully out Chicago Femme Leatherman, I take my Leather and S/M life much too much for granted…and I shouldn’t.   During the weekend event, I wore the clothes, knee-high Wescos, and cuff that I wear…