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Illinois Leather 2018

CHICAGO — On March 16th, 2018, the Illinois Leather Alliance held their annual contest in Chicago. This year there were a few changes to the contest, including a whole new venue.  The Illinois Leather Alliance holds contests for Sir, boy, Ms. Leather Pride, Puppy, Trainer, Bootblack, Master, Slave, and this year a new contest was…

Community Comment: Reclaiming our Leather Victimhood

It’s 2018 and in the Leather Community, victims are the enemy.
Not just any victims, mind, just the ones who choose not to be. “Drama” is the sin, not injustice. “Exclusion” is the virtue, not change. We have always been at war with East Asia.
The “1984” allusion might have been a tad hyperbolic, but in light of “International Leather Victim 2018”, an article published by an IML 2017 top 20 contestant, we’re forced to ask ourselves how did this happen?

Community Comment: Making Leather the Victim 2018

What a time to be alive. The previous year filled itself with threats from multiple sources which threaten to tear the social fabric apart. The potential victims are numerous and varied. Yet little did we know that our own leather community was amongst their number. Thank heavens, then, for the article “International Leather Victim 2018,” without which this terror may have gone unnoticed. In the short read, the author Pup Chomper bemoans the imminent collapse of our community brought on by the whippersnappers what with their social media self-victimization.

Editor’s Note: Changes at the Den and Eagle, good ones

This past weekend, I attended the LION Publishers Conference here in Chicago. LION stands for Local Independent Online News. The majority of news sites there were mainstream news. They often function like a local daily newspaper. In a few cases, they were the only daily news source for their towns. However, that wasn’t the only…