Casting Call for Alternative Sex Program on Showtime Network.

CHICAGO – The Showtime Network will be creating a show on alternative sex and are looking for experienced members of the Alternative Lifestyle Community who would be interested in being cast in this new program. Currently there is a large need for Daddy/Daughter couples and Age Players as well as those who are interested in being filmed as part of a Breath Play scene. Below you can find the information shared by Ken & Sunny Megatron the producers of the show and fellow S&Mers.

Ken (@LordThunderpants) and I (Sunny Megatron) are producing a new docu-series/educational style television show about sex and sexuality that I’m the host of. It will air on Showtime USA and Movie Channel Canada.

Although we’ll need all types of “out” folks who can show their faces on camera as well as their bodies, our goal is to never be exploitative but rather portray sexuality in a very sex-positive, normalized light. We’re filming all summer we have an urgent need for specific folks for next week in Chicago.

For next week in Chicago: still looking for Daddy/Daughter couples— both experts (24/7 or long term players) and couples open to exploring this dynamic for the first time. Also single women, clown players (with costumes, please!), couples/singles with BDSM experience (from the light stuff to more extreme– i.e. from neon wands to water torture or breath play) willing to demo certain types of play.

Most spots require nudity, and/or play with your partner– the specifics of that are negotiable based on what you feel comfortable consenting to (your enthusiastic consent regarding what you’re doing and how you’re doing it on camera is the #1 priority here!). All sexual orientations, genders, and body types welcome and encouraged to participate. If you are interested in next weeks shoot or being considered for a future shoot, e-mail Maggie (casting producer #1) at and cc Sergio (casting producer #2) at

Briefly mention:

• Your location

• What play you are an expert in and your usual role (i.e. sub, dom, switch, babygirl, etc)

• What you’re inexperienced in and willing to explore

• If you have a partner (or anyone else) that will also participate

• Your contact phone number and e-mail

Also, if you’re available for this week (7/15-20) send me your e-mail and phone in a private message ASAP and I’ll fast track it to Maggie and Sergio, thanks!

I am an executive producer of the show and Ken Melvoin-Berg is the consulting producer, so you know it will be tasteful, sex positive, educational, and fun 😉

We are not only filming in Chicago. We are using people from all over North America through out the summer for filming (bonus points if you’re in Chicago, LA, Toronto or Montreal). Givers/receivers of needle play, folks into watersports, men who enjoy receiving public humiliation/masochism especially encouraged to contact us. Please feel free to pass this on.

For the full explanation on the premise of the show and what we’re looking for in general, you can read this note on my profile with the full description and updates:

I will update that post with new details when necessary.

Hope to hear from you! Here’s to creating the first major network TV show that will not only finally portray us in a normalized light but teach us all some interesting new things along the way! Cheers!

Sunny Megatron, XO