Carnal Urges: A Night of Debauchery

TERRE HAUTE — Hear ye Hear ye! Come one, cum all! The Primal Den is proud to present Carnal Urges: A Night of Debauchery, and it’s coming to a venue near you! Well, perhaps, but if it’s not, you won’t want to miss it, so perhaps, road trip!!!!!
Ticket Vending

For your viewing pleasure, and because we love to hear oooohhhhhss and aaaahhhhssss, we have begged several talented kinksters to perform throughout the evening. You will see many brazen fire techniques, from dancing, to flame blowing, erotic and sensual belly dancers, a special presentation by Kaa and Fynch, and many more surprises. Also, what’s a carnival without games? There will be a large variety of games based on carney classics, but given a sexy twist! Toward the end of the carnival, you will be given the opportunity to participate in a rousing auction which will include a very unique, extremely well made, leather wrist and arm binder made by MasterDon. MasterDon was kind enough to donate this piece he crafted to The Primal Den to auction off. Did I mention that there will be costume contest?

So, how much does this cost? If you sign up online, ticket price is $25.00. What does this great price get you? This will get you in the gate, give you access to some of the most talented performers you will ever see, games, raffles, and various auctions! DM presence will be heavy, and their word shall be treated as sacred. Other than that, food and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. We do ask no bringing outside food or drink unless cleared beforehand for dietary reasons.

After the Carnival

Feel free to bring a tent and camp out for the night. We have a large clearing set aside. If you wish to bring adult beverages for camping, feel free to do so. Please drink responsibly, and remember, if your under 21, drinking is illegal and not endorsed by The Primal Den. All campers will be asked to be packed by 11am on the 2nd, and urged to help clean up.

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SSC/RACK still apply at all times.

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Fetlife event page:

Date & Time: Saturday, October 01, 2016 · 2:00 PM –
Sunday, October 02, 2016 ·11:00 AM
Terre Haute

Given upon event registration   @ map

Cost: $25.00 online plus food and drinks
Dress code: Once on the carnival grounds, your comfort level