Car driver pushes through vigil for St. Louis transgender woman

ST. LOUIS — A driver pushed through a Wednesday night vigil and march being held for Kiwi Herring, a transgender woman who was shot and killed by police on Tuesday.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Keith Rose, who was among the protesters, said he saw the incident and could see the driver of the car as he made his way down Manchester Avenue.

He said the driver, who he described as a middle-aged man, at one point stopped his car for a few seconds before accelerating gradually and driving into the group at Manchester and Sarah Street.

Rose said that a protester was thrown over the hood of the car by the impact and others were hit by the car.

Police have so far not commented on the incident but an officer at the scene said the driver was taken into custody.

The website reported that there were minor injuries. The Post-Dispatch reported that the driver had his middle fingers up as he drove through the vigil.