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Trans Bodies Trans Selves (TBTS) is looking for someone to design a graphic for a fundraising campaign this Spring for the book/non-profit that will be used on tank tops, bandanas, etc and which might also appear on the cover/design of the book. Must be something that will screen print well whether B/W or multicolor. Ideas of all sorts welcome. The TBTS team has thought about images of a tree (for the T in trans and for livelihood) as well as images of the human body, but encourage other ideas as well. Please send sample images or specific submissions to
Deadline March 11, 2012.

TBTS is an anthology on transgender health, development, and history. It will be published in Fall 2013 and is currently being authored by 60 openly trans-identified individuals nationwide. A non-profit incorporated in New York under the (same) name Trans Bodies Trans
Selves will reinvest all proceeds in education and outreach for trans communities. More info at

Please forward widely. Thanks for reading.

A. Robin Williams, MD, MA
Trans Bodies Trans Selves