Call for Nominations for the NCSF Ombuds Committee

NCSFBALTIMORE – The Ombuds Committee for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) handles complaints and concerns regarding the conduct of NCSF officers and staff, and the operations of NCSF institutions. The NCSF Ombuds Committee shall be established as an Advisory Committee, as per NCSF bylaws, to review Coalition administration and activities, assuring ethical and effective fulfillment of NCSF’s mission and goals.

The Committee shall consist of three people, appointed annually by and accountable to the NCSF Board, for rotating two-year terms. The members may be reappointed for one subsequent two-year term. The members must be members in good standing with NCSF, either a Coalition Partner representative, a Supporting Member, or an Individual Member.

Please send your nominations to:


  1. Name and contact info of nominee – email and/or phone #
  2. Professional experience that would assist you in performing the job of an Ombuds volunteer
  3. Experience in the kink, leather, fetish, swing or polyamory communities that is relevant to performing the job of an Ombuds volunteer
  4. References, professional and/or alt sex communities related.

Nominations will close May 8th, 2014.

Interviews of the nominees may be conducted by telephone or Internet chat. Applicants shall be assessed for the following:

  1. knowledge and experience of processes for arbitration and/or adjudication of disputes;
  2. familiarity with NCSF’s mission, bylaws and policies, and the ethos of the Coalition’s constituent communities (BDSM/kink/fetish, polyamory, swing);
  3. capacity to remain objective and impartial in reviewing information;
  4. overall character and reliability.

To prevent potential conflicts of interest, no Ombuds Committee member shall concurrently serve as an officer, staff member, or Board member of NCSF. The Committee shall select a chair from amongst its members annually.

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