Call for Vendors – Fringe Elements Play Party & Bizarre Bazaar, Louisville, Kentucky

LOUISVILLE – We’re having a party and we’re looking for crafty folk to bring their wares to sell.

More details about our upcoming event are here:

We have a limited amount of space, but we’re looking for quality crafts and products, particularly those that might be unique and/or unusual.

You will be responsible for entry into our party, which is $15 per person ($2 extra if you didn’t get a membership card at the last party, but that’s a one-time fee), and we’d love for you to make a donation to us that we can use for a silent auction or raffle item, but you decide what and how much.

You also have to be willing to make your little corner of the party festive, with some kind of holiday theme. This is a holiday sort of party, after all. If you can provide your own table or set up, so much the better.

Finally, you have to have a product or two that you can show off in our vendor fashion and product show during the opening ceremonies.

That’s not too hard, is it?

If you’re interested, please send this information to our email, at

Name of your business:
Your name:
Your email:
Your Fetlife profile name:
Your location:
Your website:
What you sell:
(The more you tell us about what you sell, the better. Don’t say, Leather goods, say Floggers, cuffs, braided whips and collars.)

If you’d like to attach a photo or two of your work, or a link to them, that would be great, too.

The open call for vendors will end at midnight on November 2, 2012.