Caged Heat w/ Nayland, Sat., June 9

Galleria Domain 2
Reprinted with permission

CHICAGO – For June’s educational event GD2 is bringing back the amazing educator Nayland from New York City for an amazing class on the erotic art of denial.

Many people use techniques such as orgasm control or tease and denial as part of their D/s dynamic. What if you’re ready to take the next step and explore the always exciting and sometimes excruciating world of chastity? This class examines the techniques, equipment and mindset that makes this play the ultimate in mental and physical control. Learn what to look out for when shopping for chastity devices, how to introduce the topic of chastity to your everyday scenes, and what are the techniques for dealing with emergencies. Take it from someone who has been locked up and also done the locking, chastity play is powerful and fun for all the parties involved.

About Nayland
GD2 is excited to welcome back Nayland who previously taught classes on The Art of Creating a Scene and Food Play (feeding, starving, and everything in between) to a packed house at Galleria Domain.

Nayland is an artist and educator, an investigator and instigator. Hehas presented on kink related topics at TESFest and Dark Odyssey Winter Fire/Leather Retreat/Fusion, The Floating World, IMsL and GMSMA, LSM, Instigate and Winter Wickedness. He is a member of Delta International Brotherhood.

Caged Heat
Presented by Nayland
Saturday, June 9, 2012
6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.
Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )
Chicago, Illinois
RSVP preferred but not required
Open to All 18+ w/ID

Please come with an open mind and arrive early for the best seats as GD2’s monthly educational events regularly draw between 60 and 90 attendees.
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