Broadway Youth Center Wish List


CHICAGO – Recently, the LRA Board of Directors announced that the Broadway Youth Center will be the official charity for LRA. In the coming months, working in conjunction with Windy City Trident, LRA will be collecting monetary funds and supplies.

LRA will be setting up donation bins in the club and donations will be facilitated by the LRA Board and/or members of Windy City Trident. Please give generously. If you’d like to make financial contributions, please contact our Treasurer at and make sure to reference the Broadway Youth Center so the funds can be properly attributed.

The following is a list of requested items that the Broadway Youth Center is requesting:

Facility Needs:
Surface wipes (with bleach), Paper Towels, House Plants, Dirt, Broom, Dustpan

Clothing Needs:
New socks, new underwear/panties (all sizes through XXL), diapers
Program Needs:
CTA Cards (especially 1 day), Target gift cards ($5, $10, and $20), Headphones, Backpacks, Notebooks, Folders, Calculators, Pens, String bags (little nylon backpacks with strings that close it up and work as straps for your arms)

Health and Well Being:
Food service gloves, Hand sanitizer, Theraflu, Dayquil/Nyquil, Ibuprofen, Cough drops, Icy hot patches, Tea, Honey, Lemon juice, Tissue/Kleenex

Food Needs:
Paper plates (preferably biodegradable), Plastic cups, napkins, Plastic cutlery, Non-perishable snacks (not cans), Crystal light or any drink mix, Coffee and coffee filters, Sugar & Stevia

Toiletry Needs:
Deodorant, Body spray, Chapstick, Board Bristle hairbrushes (for Black hair), Laundry detergent, Fabric Softener, Shaving cream, razors, tampons/pads, Clippers & liners, Baby powder, wet wipes

If you have any of these items or if you would like to purchase them, please bring them to the club and let any board member know that they are donations for Broadway Youth Center.

On behalf of the Board of LRA and Windy City Trident, we thank you for your support.

Reprinted with permission.