Boudoir Noir Events and FW Munch Parternership

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Boudoir Noir has been working closely with Star in an effort to be able to better serve you all and the community.  We have been expanding our abilities to special order items, looking for new and more things to carry in the Downtown store, as well as develop BDSM workshops that are honest, factual, and in a safe and welcoming environment.  We have a long history of working with the FW Munch, though these past couple years it has been a bit strained.

Star has invited me to the group and to post about upcoming events at Boudoir Noir.  We are very excited to be able to share our events with you as well as build a partnership to better serve all of you and the community. You are all welcome to join the Boudoir Noir group for open discussions on there and can email me any questions or issues you wish.  I am here to help us better serve you, not to sell you anything.  We have 3 workshops coming up this month in our School of Loving Arts.

January 18th….Rope Bondage: An Introduction to Artistry and Function

(Taught by Kidwell from The FW Munch) Rope Bondage: An Introduction to Artistry and Function is the first of two workshops geared rope bondage and rope play.  8pm $10 per person

January 25th….Boudoir Noir Brings You “Synergy”

Taight by Taylor Means from Synergy Erotic Inc) Once again Boudoir Noir is happy to bring in a guest speaker from one of the many adult product manufacturers that we work with. 8pm FREE workshop

All workshops are instructional only. There is no group participation or demonstrations on people with the exceptions of when a model is needed such as bondage rope class, and the model is provided by us with consent.  There is no nudity, and these are no group participation other than in discussion, questions, answer, etc.  Products are passed around but are not for use.

More information about these and other workshops, as well as current sales or promotions is available at the Boudoir Noir of Fort Wayne Group

All workshops come with a goodie bag of freebies and paid workshops will come with a gift certificate.  If you have any questions you mail send me a message or check out the discussion board at the Boudoir Noir of Fort Wayne Group.  Please feel free to join, add new discussions, suggestions, ideas, question, comments, or whatever you want.  It is an open forum for everyone.

Fort Wayne Munch