Bootblack Roundup 2018

CHICAGO – On the Weekend of August 10 to 12, 2018, Bootblacks from around the country will pour into the City of Chicago for the 3rd annual  .

In 2015, Sparkie, 2015 Illinois Community Bootblack, wanted to do a unique fundraising event to end his title year and decided to fill the void for Bootblack-focused events. So, he contacted his friend, Blackjack, who runs the Get Your Black On Charity and asked his soon to be wife, Girl Becky, to help with this endeavor. In 2016, Midwest Bootblack Round-Up, with support from CLAW Nation, raised $1,600 for three charities and a former IMsBB in need of assistance. ​Given the success of the weekend, and the number of attendees from outside the Midwest, we dropped the first word of our name and are excited to “round up” Bootblacks from anywhere and everywhere.

In 2017, drawing even larger crowds than the first year, it was decided that the Roundup would move around year to year to give more opportunities for other bootblacks to attend. This year the Roundup moved to Chicago and is being hosted at the Leather Archives and Museum, Touche, and Leather 64ten.  Since they are working with the Leather Archives and Museum which is making the Event Free to Attendees you will need to register online. Registering in advance will get you a free souvenir and 10% off at Leather 64Ten.

Sponsors this year include Touche, Leather 64ten, Huberd’s Shoe Grease, Titans of the Midwest, and Castaways Motorcycle Club, the Chicago Hellfire Club, IMsLBB, WilyGoat Natural Bootblack Products, Supergurl Images, MitaBear Designs, and CLAW. The Benefactors this year include CLAW, The Leather Archives and Museum, Broadway Youth Center, and the Leather Heart Foundation.

This years schedule makes for a weekend packed with education, fun, and great raffle prizes:  The Meet and Boot will be at Leather 64ten, Kink U and a viewing of “HIGH SHINE” 15 yrs of International Ms Bootblack by Christina Court will be at the Leather Archives and Museum, and the CLAW Nation Party, 3rd Annual Shine Off, and Raffles will be at Touche.

Presenters for Kink U:

Boi Debney

Panda Pup: Alaska State Bootblack 2017

Cherielle: Southwest Community Bootblack 2015

Leo: Mid Atlantic Community Bootblack 2011

Traeonna & KiltGrrl: Ms Ohio Leather 2017 & Ohio Bootblack 2016-2017

Michael Ann: International Ms Bootblack 2000

Leslie Anderson: International Ms Bootblack 1999

Just Angel: Southwest Bootblack 2014

Bumper: Mid Atlantic Leatherwoman Bootblack 2018


On Saturday night “So You Want to Be a Bootblack Titleholder” takes place at the LA&M, bringing together Bootblack titleholders and producers for a panel discussion, with panel leader Girl Becky moderating the discussion and questions. Panelists include:

International Mr Bootblack 2018: TBA

International Ms Bootblack 2016: Bootblack Meghan

Great Lakes Bootblack 2017: Raymond

Ohio Bootblack 2016-2017: KiltGrrl

GLLA Ohio Producer: Godfather Ric

Drummer North America Bootblack 2018: Pup Frisco

International Community Bootblack 2017: boy John

This is just a few of the many events and happening at the 3rd Annual Bootblack Roundup. For more information and registration, please visit