Book Review: “Sex For Grown Ups”

Sex For Grown Ups CoverEver had… questions about sex, even as an adult? Ever been afraid to actually ask them? Then Gloria Brame’s newest book, “Sex for Grown Ups,” is exactly what you need.

The book serves as a second volume of “The Truth About Sex” and goes into detail about how finding people on the same wavelength and honesty are necessary for a good sex life. Especially the honesty.

Gloria took a subject that could either be in either dry academic language or a very touchy-feely tone and made it fun, accessible and informative. Using her experience as a sex therapist, she gives examples of where assumptions and poor communication have made people miserable. And most of the time, honesty and the willingness to try new things helps all of the people in the case studies she provides. It doesn’t always work out, but she shows how it is up to people in each of the situations to be willing to come out of their comfort zone to find satisfaction with their partners.

Along the way, she gives simple direct advice that can work with any relationship, gay or straight, kink or vanilla. She’s also included a section with explanation on different sexual activities and tips for those trying them for the first time. And there is no judgment of anyone, no matter what their issues or situation.

It’s not a necessarily quick read, but it is a fun read. And even those who think they already know everything they need to know can get some good information on communication and honesty from the book. It’s well worth the time to read and to share with those you share your life with.

“Sex For Grown Ups” by Gloria Brame, PhD, CCB Publishing – ISBN 978-1-77143-076-0