BondageNightChicago’s Halloween party – Oct 20

CHICAGO – BondageNightChicago presents, “KINKY HALLOWEEN PARTY”

With your Host ….. Mistress Xena
Kinbaku by Master Dvnt & mara moon

This is BondageNightChicago’s annual Halloween extravaganza!
We invite all of you to join in the festivities. Do not be shy; this is your chance to dress up as whatever your heart desires. Become the slutty librarian, transform yourself into a horny werewolf, a blood-sucking vampire, winged fairy practically wearing nothing, or whatever you can possible dream of.

– Where: The Studio, located 10mins Southwest of Downtown Chicago.
-Saturday, Oct 20 (3rd Saturday of every month).
-18+. You must bring your ID. Without an ID, you will NOT enter.

-$20 Admission.
-NO LIQUOR or SMOKING ALLOWED. There will be snacks & beverages provided.
-Bring your own toys. The toys @ The Studio is not for public use. The guests may use the dungeon furniture. After your play-scene, you must clean up after yourself.
-No cameras are allowed in the dungeon.
-Street Parking is available. Or, you may park in the back of The Studio (in the CTA lot). The fee: $5.

Attire: Ghosts, Goblins, Werewolves, Nuns/Priests, Schoolboy/Schoolgirl, Vampires, Librarian, Masquerade, Zombies, Fairies, Clowns, or simply Fetish attire. There will be no entry, if you wear street clothes. Street clothes such as: Baseball cap, t-shirt, blue jeans. A nice shirt/pants are acceptable.


The address will be given to you, once you RSVP. You must RSVP, using your full name. RSVP’s after 5pm on Oct 20 will not be accepted. Make sure you mention ‘Bondage Night 10/20’ in the email subject line.

The Studio:

Mistress Xena