BOE presents Poly Relationships in M/s Dynamics with Kalisti and Laminae, May 17

Board of Education, BoEDETROIT — Polyamory often crosses over into BDSM–we are facing a new generation of poly individuals that are forming their own unique power-exchange relationships. These multi-person dynamics are oftentimes confusing and complicated to those looking at them from the outside. This class seeks to demystify poly relationships in M/s D/s dynamics. We will talk about Dom/Domme/submissive relationships, Dom/sub/slave relationships, and the many flavor varieties that can happen.

Kalisti and Laminae

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Join us at 6pm for a meet and greet dinner with Kalisti and Laminae at O’Henry’s, located inside the hotel. Please enter through to door with the green awning. You can find the menu for O’Henry’s here on their website.
Never been to one of our classes before? Then come to our newcomer orientation at 7pm in the dining room!
Class begins at 7:30pm in The Packard Room and will run until 9:30pm. Please be punctual, as there will be no admittance to class after 8:00pm.

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