BOE presents: Motherfucking Nerves with Sharp Object and _Xeno, March 28

DETROIT — “Sick of every rope class being about the rigger? Tired of hearing about how important nerves are but not knowing how to find them? Exhausted by your own ceaseless need to be the center of attention?
If you answered yes to at least two of those questions, you’re in the right place. In this class, Sharp and her purebred show rigger Xeno will teach you just where those damn nerves have been hiding, how a tourniquet can make masturbation more interesting – or more importantly how it feels when your hand goes numb from a lack of circulation – and how to distinguish good pain (mmmm) from bad pain (ew, gross).
You do not need a top or rigger for this class, but if you have a dedicated rope partner, you would do well to drag them along. Tourniquet supplies will be furnished by the instructors; no rope is necessary for this class.”

Sharp Object
Sharp should be handled at your own risk. She has been actively rope bottoming for about a year, and she has a mouth that would make a sailor blush. Her primary interests include sadistic rope, impact, electricity, knife play, and being reduced to a stream of profanities as she processes generous amounts of pain. She is a major proponent of communicating limits and active bottoming, and she is currently active in the greater Detroit area.

_Xeno is your friendly neighborhood sadist. His favorite kinks include rope, knife play, and reducing people to a stream of profanities as they process generous amounts of pain. As a strong advocate of direct communication and negotiation, he strives to promote responsible play at all intensity levels. Currently a board member for Tri-County TNG, he works hard to further corrupt the American youth and stoke the fires of debauchery.

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Note our new Southfield location.

The Manor Room is located in the lower level of The Quality Inn in Southfield. This is accessible both by elevator (directly across from the check-in counter) or by stairwell (directly ahead and to the right of the check-in counter). Please be respectful of any hotel staff and patrons, and keep all conversations vanilla outside of The Manor Room. Class begins at 7:30pm and runs until 9:30pm. Please be punctual, as there will be no admittance to class after 8:00pm.

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