BOE presents Microbondage with XtraSpecialTom, Aug. 26

BOE Small Web Logo 448pix by 336pxDETROIT – The art of tying someone up with small diameter bondage fibers. Twine, Yarn, Thread and much more. Yes they are easily broken in a single strand, but not when multiplied together. We will demo and learn the art of restraint using these micro-ropes. Toes, fingers, feet, hands and naughty bits! Predicament Bondage and just plain restraint with a touch of humiliation thrown in for good measure! Demo/Hands on Class for any size.

XtraSpecialTom is The Kinky Eagle Scout. The Boy Scouts of America offer the best kink training in the world including Rope, Knives, Fire and First Aid to clean up the mistakes! As a senior in high school he was hog tying freshmen and trying not to burn down the forest. He’s been called an Evil Sadistic Bastard more times than not! Active in the lifestyle for 15 years and involved in the local community at Ohio SMART and PRS for over 10 years. He is Chairperson Emeritus of Ohio SMART, having served 5 terms before stepping down in June 2010 to focus more on presenting.
XST has been actively teaching since 2005. 2012 will mark the 3rd year in a row that he is teaching at Shibaricon. He has taught at Beltane, Fires of Venus and did Fire Play DOLR’s “Taste of the Extreme Night”, all at Ramblewood in MD. Tom taught at JRE’s TiedUp in NJ. XST taught at the first COPE In 2007. He has taught 3 times at WoodsStocks. Tom has taught at Kinko de Mayo. XST has taught for a large number of local and regional groups in Ohio, Michigan and PA. As of the beginning of Feb, 2012 he already has 11 events and 16 classes scheduled in the first half of the year.
Tom founded the Energy SIG of Ohio SMART and has run it for the last 3.5+ years. The group has been fortunate to have Michelle Belanger, Jackie Williams, dawn, Big Larry (Arakeane) and others come teach about Cleansing/Grounding/Shielding, Chakras, Animal Totems, Guided Imagery/Meditations, Ghosts, Spirits, Psychic Energy Vampires, Intuitive Healing, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Reiki and much more. Tom is a Reiki Master. XST tends to use energy in his play.

Please RSVP on our event page here!

Join us at 6pm for a meet and greet dinner with XtraSpecialTom at O’Henry’s, located inside the hotel. Please enter through to door with the green awning. You can find the menu for O’Henry’s here on their website.

Never been to one of ours classes before? Then come to our newcomer orientation at 7pm in the dining room!

Class begins at 7:30pm in The Packard Room and will run until 9:30pm. Be sure to get there by 8pm when we close the doors.

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