BOE presents: Leather and Steel: The Way of the Samurai in M/s Relationships, Jan. 31

DETROIT — The samurai of Japan were famous for their devotion to their lords and their relentless pursuit of personal excellence. All were driven by a code of behavior known as “Bushido” (the Way of the Warrior).

Master Jon and slave amendah share their interpretations of the Seven Values of Bushido, the rights and responsibilities of a lord and retainer, how this code informs and inspires their M/s relationship and what it teaches about all forms of power exchange.

Even after years of a committed Master/slave relationship, Master Jon and slave amendah both occasionally chuckle at their decade-long protest that they would never be anything but good friends. However, that same time, investment, and humor formed the basis of a transformative relationship for both, inspired by the intense personal dedication of bushido, the samurai code.

Despite the various conventions they’ve attended, Master Jon and slave amendah could never be described as “conventional”. From the night they compared notes and negotiated if they should be dating to the model of their relationship now, they have always spoke in their own voice, and relish opportunities to help others find theirs.

Master Jon and slave amendah hold the titles of Great Lakes Master/slave 2015, Illinois Master/slave 2014 and 2015. slave amendah is the director of MAsT: Buffalo Grove. In the time they have between events (usually measured in minutes), they like to unwind with recreational breath play, emotional sadomasochism, rope bondage, impact, and fire play.

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