BOE Presents: Furries: Lions, Tigers, and Wolves? with RhoSigma, Oct. 17

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — This Weeks Class: Furries: Lions, Tigers, and Wolves? With RhoSigma

You’ve seen them online, in the media, and possibly in person. Life size fluffy animals walking around giving out hugs, high fives, and photo opportunities. Now you can learn more about this niche fandom from someone involved in the furry community. Many topics will be covered about the fandom in the discussion portion and you will have the opportunity to interact with one.

Topics include:
– The Fandom (art, media, society interactions, etc.)
– Why we Fursuit
– What goes into a fursuit (wearing it, cost, design, etc.)
– Suiting Safely (as a suiter and as a handler)
– Misconceptions
– Kink/Sexual Aspect

This will mainly be a discussion course as there is not a lot of hands-on teaching like Rho’s Florentine Flogger courses. However, there will be a segment at the end to interact with a Furry and even see the dress up process.
About the Presenters:
Unknowingly interested in the fandom, IntenseBlue was a purveyor of furry artwork (not knowing a proper term for it) for a long while until she met RhoSigma, who then introduced her to the rest of the fandom and fursuiting. Her first furry convention was in April 2017 with RhoSigma, which they worked together to build a fursuit for. A prospective furry, she is the handler when RhoSigma is in suit, which is a job in itself but loves every minute around other furries. She went to her first fur-con in 2017 as a handler and has since been researching how to make her own suit, creating her Fursona, and to get involved alongside RhoSigma as a fursuiter.
A prominent kink member in SE Michigan (most notable for Florentine Flogging and working as a Bottoms Buffet Service Top) is also a fursuiter. The suit was made by hand in one years time and has been volunteering for children’s hospitals and various venues to make people smile and to entertain. The suit is not tied to kink in any way, but is still a prominent part if Rho’s life and his community involvement. Rho was a “closet fur” since 2008 when a friend of his introduced him to a furry comic, and has been hooked into the fandom since. He did not get involved back then due to money and time. Fast forward to 2016, RhoSigma attended his first furry convention with more free time available and has since been active in the Furry community as he made his own suit with IntenseBlue shortly after his first convention. His first convention was in April 2016 (without a suit) and since that convention, got involved through outings and volunteer work.

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Note our new Southfield location.

The Manor Room is located in the lower level of The Quality Inn in Southfield. This is accessible both by elevator (directly across from the check-in counter) or by stairwell (directly ahead and to the right of the check-in counter). Please be respectful of any hotel staff and patrons, and keep all conversations vanilla outside of The Manor Room. Class begins at 7:30pm and runs until 9:30pm. Please be punctual, as there will be no admittance to class after 8:00pm.

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