BOE Presents: Controversial topics within the Poly Community with chelsey-dagger

DETROIT — Board of EducationGet ready to learn about three of the most controversial topics in the polyamorous community today. Couple privilege has been vilified as well as praised, and sometimes even dismissed as nonexistent. Similarly ,hierarchy has had its praises sung and been cursed. These topics are always controversial, but we’re going to dive right in and learn about what they are, what they aren’t, and how to be ethical about them. We’ll learn about the differences and similarities, as well as the grey area between the two. We will also learn a bit about Unicorn Hunting and how that relates to both hierarchy and couple privilege.

chelsey-dagger is a polyamory activist and active part of the polyamorous community, in Metro Detroit as well as getting involved online and worldwide. They identify as a relationship anarchist, with roots in non-hierarchical polyamory. They run the website which gives advice on many polyamory related topics.

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