BOE Announces – Decorative Corsetry and Aesthetics – April 2nd

BOE Small Web Logo 448pix by 336pxALLEN PARK, Mich. – This week’s class is: Decorative Corsetry and Aesthetics with MsMidnight

In this class, MsMidnight will teach you how to create the decorative corset/top pattern that she has designed.

Choosing your ropes: This pattern requires (3) 30’-60’ pieces of rope. (She often uses 50’s) The length size is variable depending on the size of your bottom, how tall you want the corset itself, and the amount of weaving and other detail you put into it.  It is recommend for tops to bring at least 100’ of rope for the main body and another different piece for weaving/accents (optional).

MsMidnights unique pattern she will share with you:

This example was tied on a plus size bottom with 2-40’ Erin Houdini 1/4” UV reactive rope for the body and 50’ ¼” Harbor Freight glow-in-the dark rope.

This example was tied with 2- 50’ pieces of Garr4rope 3/8”

This example was tied with 2-30’ pieces of black 3/8” and a 50’ piece of red all from Garr4rope there was an additional piece of 30’ red for the arms.

This example was tied with 3- 40’ pieces of Erin Houdini ¼” UV reactive rope (3 different colors)

This example uses 2- 50’ 3/8 inch and 1- 50’ ¼” Garr4rope

The event page for this class is located here! Please RSVP!

  • Class begins at 7:30 pm in the Packard Room.

Before class meet and greet with our presenter MsMidnight at O’Henry’s, located in the hotel, for dinner at 6:00 pm. The menu for O’Henry’s can be found here. (Please enter through the door with the green awning.)

Feel free to message me or post here if you have any questions.

See you Tuesday!