Board of Education Presents: Personal Instruction Night

DETROIT — This week’s class is:Personal Instruction Night with Me, You and Everyone We Know!

This class model is borrowed, with permission, from the Monkey Puzzle Club in Columbus. Rather than having a traditional lecture or demo-based class, community members will be making themselves available for one on one training and instruction, as well as small mini-classes based on what people want to learn, and what people want to teach.

We’re going to take a page from the “unconference” model, and other open-space technology groups as we evolve this new class model.

If you have questions, or you need help learning something that’s been difficult for you, this is your night. We will be making sure that as many of the experienced members as we can get are on hand to help you learn. We’re here for you, and I hope you’ll take us up on the offer to help.

If you have something you’re eager to teach, and you want a chance to be able to try out your class on a smaller audience, this is also your night. Come let us know at the beginning of the night what you’re up to, and we’ll send people your way as they show up if they are interested.

So now you can figure out the pattern for florentine flogging that’s been giving you trouble. You can also learn that knot that never quite holds the way you intend it to. You can even learn how to throw that dragon tail so it hits what you’re aiming at, or find out where to buy the best cheap pervertables. Come join us, practice, play, socialize, and enjoy the fantastic company.

For those who may not be familiar with this whole “unconference” thing we mention. Here’s a basic idea. The whole thing is comprised of 5 “rules” and a single “law”.

Those who show up are the right people. You don’t need everyone, just those who care about what you’re teaching.
Whenever it starts is the right time. Spirit and creativity do not run on a clock.
Wherever it happens is the right place. Within the confines of our gathering, there will be many opportunities for things to occur. Please be conscious and aware.
Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. Once something has happened, it is done. Panicking because things didn’t go as planned helps no one. Move on.
When it’s over, it’s over. We don’t know how long it will take to complete a class once started, but once finished, move on to the next thing. Don’t continue to bring the same things up again just because time is running out. Do the work, not the time.

The “Law of Two Feet” or “Law of Mobility” states: “If at any time during our time together you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet, go someplace else, and go do something useful. Responsibility resides with you.”

Please RSVP on our event page here

Note our new Southfield location.

The Manor Room is located in the lower level of The Quality Inn in Southfield. This is accessible both by elevator (directly across from the check-in counter) or by stairwell (directly ahead and to the right of the check-in counter). Please be respectful of any hotel staff and patrons, and keep all conversations vanilla outside of The Manor Room. Class begins at 7:30pm and runs until 9:30pm. Please be punctual, as there will be no admittance to class after 8:00pm.

Can’t make it this week?

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