Board of Education presents Floggers! with -Willie-, June 21

Board of Education, BoEDETROIT — Ever wondered what was up with the whole ‘furry fandom’ thing? Now is your chance to find out, again!

No, it’s not another flogging class, it’s a flogger class.

This class is intended to cover: How floggers are made, various designs and materials that are often seen, how to tell if a flogger is good quality, how to pick floggers for yourself, and how to maintain a flogger.

What exactly gets covered during the class will be up to the people that attend. At the start of the class we will take the temperature of the class (so bend over and relax) and determine which topics have the most interest.
The presenter will be prepared to show the basic process of how to build a leather flogger, or a para-cord flogger. The presenter will also have a variety of floggers of different designs and materials available to show people the feel, balance, and style of different floggers. The target audience for the class is people that want to make their own floggers, or people that do not yet have an extensive collection of floggers and want to build their toy collection without wasting a large amount of time or effort. If you believe all floggers are the same and you only need one, you are strongly encouraged to come out and learn about the variety of sensations and feelings a range of different floggers might elicit.

People are encouraged to bring their floggers to discuss or share with others. The class might range in format from a lecture about how to build a flogger to a show and tell of everyone’s favorite floggers and flogging methods, and everything else in between. There will be an opportunity during class for people to feel various types of floggers used on them or use floggers on others.

Willie has been around the community for a couple years. He enjoys the feel of floggers on his own skin as much as he enjoys flogging others. He has a deep appreciation for the varied sensations floggers make while being a relatively safe toy to play with. He has been building floggers for himself and others for some time and is excited to share the knowledge he has gained through the process.

Please RSVP on our event page here!

Join us at 6pm for a meet and greet dinner with -Willie- at O’Henry’s, located inside the hotel. Please enter through to door with the green awning. You can find the menu for O’Henry’s here on their website.
Never been to one of our classes before? Then come to our newcomer orientation at 7pm in the dining room!
Class begins at 7:30pm in The Packard Room and will run until 9:30pm. Please be punctual, as there will be no admittance to class after 8:00pm.

Can’t make it this week?

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