BLUF Chicago’s Annual IML Cigar Social

IML cigar 5

– Photos by Master Brad Link

CHICAGO, IL – Last weekend I had the pleasure of once again attending the Annual IML Cigar Social presented by BLUF Chicago.

At last years Cigar Social, a lot of the talk focused on what would happen this year with the loss of venue for the event with the closing of Blue Havana. This year however no such worries existed as Blue Havana was taken over by new owners and moved just a few doors down from its original location in Lakeview.

Being that this was a BLUF (Breeches, Leather, Uniform, Fan club) there were plenty of Leather Men in Uniforms present. Also there was no shortage of Cigars & Bourbon.

The new store location allowed everyone to either enjoy their cigars indoors while watching television and relaxing on the couches or outdoors, as the back of the venue has a large open lot to gather on what was a very pleasant spring day.

If you have the opportunity next year, this reporter highly suggests you take the time from your busy IML, Bear Pride, or Shibaricon weekend and visit Blue Havana for the BLUF IML Cigar Social.

If you are interested in the BLUF organization you can find out more about them at their Official Web Page. You can also find out more about Blue Havana by visiting their Official Web Page.