BLUF Chicago celebrates 20 years of BLUF Club International at Touché

Chicago members and fans of BLUF club celebrate 20 years together at Touché. (Photos by BLUFChicago/Dr. Lorenzo Florian)

CHICAGO  The breeches and leather uniform fan club of Chicago celebrated BLUF club’s 20 year anniversary on Saturday November 18, 2017.

The anniversary marked a milestone for the international community of men who are into leather uniforms. BLUF started as an internet club in October 1997 in Montreal, Canada by Leon with a few friends. Today the club is based in London, England with Nigel as its webmaster with almost 4000 members. BLUF has regular events in 16 cities and has won a Pantheon of Leather award in 2008. Members adhere to a strict dress code to join and to attend member only events. Membership is free and events are organized by volunteers.

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