Bluegrass Leather Pride Wrap Up

Thanks to Ms. Constance for letting us reprint her report. Read more at her blog:

LOUISVILLE – So, I’ve now had a week to process and recover.

What went really well?  I think the classes were valuable for a lot of people. Education has always been important to me, always been one of the areas on which I focused, and I think this event continued that priority.

I appreciate, as I always do, that so many people felt so welcome at our event.  I think we did a lot of good for our community in terms of showing ourselves off to other communities.  People understood that gays and straights were welcome, that transgender individuals are welcome, that puppies and furries and littles and more are all welcome here.

We gave some people an opportunity to practice for their next contest.  In that vein, our current Great Lakes Master and slave, Master Michael and slave angie, with whom I have also participated in mock interviews, are now the International Master and slave.  We work to prepare titleholders and it helps when we work with them.  They were grateful and it was a good thing for us to do.

Bootblack Bella’s keynote speech was as good as I knew it would be.  It talked about home, and what home really means, as well as how to maintain your home, both physical and emotional.  Sir Charles was given his second piece of earned Leather, which is both an honor and a privilege.

I got to see some people I really like, but don’t have a chance to spend as much time with as I’d like.  Ms Kendra, boy Brent, Spyn, Riley the Bootblack, Master Stephen, Walter and Marta, Sir G, Boi Kris, Russ, Dennis, Travis and Niki, and others I have forgotten to mention.

More importantly, I think, other friendships were forged.  People met people, friendships were made, or deepened.  People met people, people sat together, ate together, played together.  In the end, the rest of it takes a back seat.

What I should have done better was marketing.  I didn’t get info out soon enough, or enough of it.  I had a rough November and December.  There were difficult things going on, situations that were poorly handled and which took more of my time and energy than they deserved.

Losing Belle, our oldest Scottie and the best dog I have ever had, just a few days before Christmas, caused me to withdraw more, to hide out for a few weeks when I should have been networking.  It is what it is.  Life interferes sometimes and there is nothing to be done about it.

I should have gotten more things planned earlier.  My sabbatical over the holidays was part of the culprit.

My own control freak personality is also at fault.  I genuinely do plan to put some things in place so it runs more smoothly.  People to help move equipment – slave drew, Walt and I moved literally every piece of equipment in and out ourselves.

I need a better plan for food, so it’s not just pulling people to set it out.  Some changes in what we have and how much, but I do like the fact that lunch is offered, and includes mostly homemade food. I think that’s one of the things that makes the event unique.

Next year, our keynote speaker is Master Z of Dallas.  I expect to have a fairly full complement of contestants, which makes for a different kind of contest.  I want to do some different kinds of classes, and I’m open to what those might be.  If anyone out there has ideas for classes they might like to see, or might like to teach, drop me a note.  I don’t know what I’ll end up with, but I’m open to suggestions.

I still have a house that is mostly a wreck.  Bluegrass *stuff* in most of the rooms, a dining room table that needs to be cleaned off, the dishes I use for events and catering put away, the paper goods that are left for next year need to be boxed up.  I need to finish up my notes and put all of them in a folder labeled Bluegrass 2014.

I already have one started labeled Bluegrass 2015.