Bluegrass Leather Pride, March 6-8, 2015

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LOUISVILLE – Things are heating up for Bluegrass Leather Pride, March 6-8, 2015, and the date is getting closer and closer. We have many presenters and classes confirmed and more to come. This is our fifth and our best event, so don’t miss it. Visit us at for details about registration.

We are thrilled to remind you that Master Z of Dallas will be presenting our keynote address at our fabulous Sunday brunch, and he will also be presenting his “Primitive Piercing Ritual Workshop,” which many of you participated in or heard about at GLLA, or other events around the country.

This workshop explores the use of modern primitive ritual in SM, includes a rite that is based around actual pagan style rituals found in many cultures to induce emotional and spiritual release and union using temporary body piercing.

We have the current International Master and slave, Master Michael and slave angie, who will be joining us. Master Michael and slave angie have been happily and authentically living the Master/slave dynamic for ten years, a relationship based on service, leather, responsibility, respect and love.

They’ll be presenting “Slave Positions,” about one body, shaped by the will of another. Positions take advantage of two wonderful toys – the human mind and the human body. Putting someone into a position puts them in a place of usefulness, of beauty, of functionality or even of humiliation.

Sarina, visiting us from south Florida, will be presenting “Dollification,” and “Emotional Sadism and Masochism.” “Dollification” explores creating a living doll whose personality, interests and mannerisms are dictated by the Dominant. Dollification is the process of evolving, mentally and physically, into a “living doll.” This is a very specific manifestation of Domination and submission, and we will be examining dollification as a fetish as well as a primary modality of power exchange.

“Emotional Sadism and Masochism,” her other presentation, examines the ways they can be safely employed in a relationship. Her background as a psychologist provides additional insight into the subject. We’re very pleased to have her joining us.

Boy Brent has been at every Bluegrass Leather Pride and this year is no exception. This year he’s going to talk about the “History of Leather Titles,” and those of you who have listened to him in the past know that this is something he’s truly passionate about. Boy Brent himself holds the title of Indiana Drummerboy 2001, Indiana Leatherboy 2006, and most importantly, is a fine example of what a Leather man should be.

Boy River was SouthEast LeatherFest boy 2013 and teaches classes related to BDSM, mental health, fitness, Bootblacking, sexuality and gender. His home dungeon is the Mark by CPI in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a sadomasochist, bootblack, gay man, and a HUGE My Little Pony fan.

Get down and dirty with hands and tongue with Boy River and his “Erotic Boot Blacking 101.” Boot blacking is about more than clean, oiled, greased and polished Leather. Boot blacking can be a sexy energy exchange, no matter who the boot black is or who is in the chair.

Kevin and katie have been married and maintained a M/s relationship for 12 years. They have survived raising teenagers, full-time employment, a total-loss house fire, correcting huge debt, and Alberta winters.

Their classes both remind us that the mind is “the biggest sex organ.” In “Erotic Trance and Altered States,” they will work from the viewpoint that ‘subspace’ is an altered state of consciousness. As such, what if through some simple techniques you could begin to explore the mental landscape of sex and submission? This covers introductory information on creating trance and altered states as part of a scene.

Their other topic is just as intriguing: “Sit, Stay, Cum – The Psychology of Training.” In this, they’ll offer a simple introduction to getting started in training your submissive. What sorts of things should you train? What is the difference between teaching and training? Is training ethical? Both of these topics are sure to be thought-, and conversation-, provoking.

Doug and his slave lori have lived in a power exchange relationship for 13 years and have evolved into a Master/slave couple that adds the spice of cuckqueaning to their dynamic. They’ll be doing their popular “Cuckqueaning – Going Down the Rabbit Hole.” In the class they’ll discuss sexual infidelity versus emotional infidelity or attachment, and talk about why there’s not just one way to bring this into your relationship, and just what it might do for your relationship.

We have more surprises planned and we’ll be announcing them over the next weeks, but you can already tell this is a weekend you will not want to miss. Visit for more details and to register, and make plans to attend Bluegrass Leather Pride Weekend, a nominee for a Pantheon of Leather Best Small Event award.