Bluegrass Leather Pride family 2016 sashed

Bluegrass Leather Pride

The new titleholders of Bluegrass Leather Pride. (Photo courtesy of BLP)

LOUISVILLE – Bluegrass Leather Pride is proud to announce the 2016 titleholders, who were sashed in Louisville, Kentucky the first weekend in March.

Ms Bluegrass Leather Pride 2016 is duckie. Bluegrass Leather Pride boy 2016 is boy matt, and Bluegrass Leather Pride Master and slave 2016 are Master Doug and slave lori.

duckie has been active in the BDSM lifestyle since 2008. Community education is her biggest passion, with community service being a close second. Her play style could best be described as greedy and she identifies as a Queer, poly, Femme slut.

Bluegrass Leather Pride

BLP emcees Gabriel and Miss Contance. (Photo courtesy of BLP)

boy matt is a self-described queer, poly, piggy, painslut.  Besides flagging houndstooth he can most often be seen bottoming for heavy impact play, CBT, piss play or fisting.  He has a passion for education, in and out of the leather realm, and is very excited to share his knowledge whenever given the opportunity.

Master Doug and slave lori have been together for 14 years, and have been involved with communities in Seattle, Indianapolis, and Terre Haute and are very excited to be moving to Louisville where their leather family resides.

Bluegrass Leather Pride is held the first Saturday of March in Louisville, Kentucky, and sends the winners to Great Lakes Leather Alliance in Indianapolis in October.  This year’s keynote speaker and Head Judge was Mark Frazier , the recipient of Pantheon of Leather’s Man of the Year 1996, Pantheon’s Reader’s Choice Man of the Year 1995, 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award – NLA International, Pantheon’s South Central Award for 2004, and Pantheon’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

The balance of the judging panel was comprised of Ms Kendra, Executive Producer of Great Lakes Leather Alliance; Sir Mark Eddy, International Leather Sir 2014; boy Brent, Indiana Drummerboy 2001 and Indiana Leatherboy 2006; Ms Mory, Ms Bluegrass Leather Pride 2015; and Bootblack Meghan, Bluegrass Leather Pride 2015 and Great Lakes Bootblack 2015.

Emcees for the contest were Ms Constance, Executive Producer of Bluegrass Leather Pride and winner of the 2016 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherwoman’s Heart Award, and Gabriel, Great Lakes Bootblack 2011, and the 2012 Golden Brush Award winner at International Community Bootblack.  Tally Master and Tally slave roles were filled by Sir Charles and slave jacki, Great Lakes Master and slave 2011.  Photos were provided by Jami Boston Guess.

The weekend began with the traditional Meet and Greet in the local Leather bar, The Barracks, followed by a day of educational classes.  Presenters included Pup Incus, International Puppy 2016, Kevin and katie, 2016 Great Lakes Power Exchange couple, and Ms Tammy, Great Lakes Master 2004 and Ms Great Lakes Olympus 2015.

It was also announced that Jeffrey Payne, International Mr Leather 2009 and owner of International Leather Sir, boy and International Community Bootblack, will be the Keynote speaker and Head Judge for Bluegrass Leather Pride 2017, which will be held March 3 – 5, 2017.  Details can be found at