Bloomington Kink June Munch, June 12

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – June is here and it’s time for summer to actually arrive, soooooo…. where is it??

The munch is up: and you should come to it. Yes you, I’m talking to YOU! 🙂

Summer munches are cook-out here in Bloomington, and it’s done pitch-in style. Bring a dish, let us know what you’re bringing here if you like and we can coordinate. We have a grill there and Kabb will bring charcoal and get a fire going to cook the meats and vegetarian grillables people bring. So don’t bother to cook it if it’s a grillable, we can do it there!

Questions, concerns, suggestions, and general anxieties, contact Mobius, Kabb or epoona23. See you there!

Bloomington Kink