Bloomington Kink April Munch – Outside, baby!

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The weather is finally warm and it’s time to move the party outside! I’ve posted the April munch: However, we don’t have a location at this very moment. I didn’t want to post one until I made the reservation, and didn’t get paid until the 1st 🙂 I may make it to Parks and Rec today, but likely will do it on Monday. We may do our usual location from last year, or perhaps try a new one (or several this year?) What do you guys think, want to move around or stay in one place?

Also, I’d like to start a conversation about what people are going to bring to the event. The outdoor munches (for those that are new) are done pitch-in style, so bust out your fun, interesting, new, cool or experimental recipes for us to try on for size 🙂

We do still have some of the paper products from last year, and will have to do a bit of an inventory in the garage to see what we still have.

Yeah spring!!