Bloomingrope: Rational Tangles and the Comma Stop

Are you curious about rope bondage or experienced with it? Do you like to tie or be tied? Is your life made of rope from end to end, or are you just friendly? Come one, come all, to learn or teach, to practice or scene, to sit quietly or hang out gaily, or all of the above.

This time, in addition to whatever informal tying you want to do, TwistedMath will be presenting on the mathematics of twisting, and more precisely on the so-called rational tangles. We will learn how the comma stop (alas eel-in-cave, alias crossing knot) is related to the number 5/3. This will involve moving around and experimenting, but less bondage than usual.

We will meet every two weeks. There will be space for hanging out and tying, and instruction from 8pm to 9pm. There will also be a quiet space for people who want to chill out without socializing. Along with your twisted or braided self, rope is recommended (though less necessary than usual this time), rope books, and mats/towels/rugs, if you have any.

We hand out ->this text<- to everyone as they come in.

Fetlife Event Page:

Date & Time: Saturday, December 21, 2013 · 7:30 PM –10:00 PM
House of Rope
Please message ThornyTruth or TwistedMath                       @ map
Cost: Free
Dress code: Vanilla outside, consensual inside

Bloomington Kink