BLOCK PARTY at the Cell Block

CHICAGO – FRIDAY, JAN. 18 – Come in and watch or join in on our Lumberjack Contest!   Maybe it’s cold outside, but it’ll be hot in the Cell Block as we find our winners. First, second, and third place to the sexiest men in flannel, voted by audience response.

SATURDAY, JAN. 19 – it’s our monthly Block Party, and this time it’s our Do You Have a Dream party. Cone in your hottest fantasy, fetish, or desire look – leather, rubber, uniform, feathers or furr – whatever you fantasize about, you just might meet up with at our Block Party!  Thanks to STEAMWORKS for their ongoing support – we’ll be giving out prize bags from STEAMWORKS – the perfect place to chase the winter cold! While you’re here, warm up with our Winter Abbey or Mild Winter Beer.

SUNDAY, JAN. 20 – stop in early and party with JUSTIN until 9, then Mark for the rest of the evening – and by the way, many of you will be off on Monday so bring in your friends or dates to complete your weekend – or just find one here! Miller Lite bottles or draft pints are only $3.50, and we’ll have the game on…..

MONDAYS we feature ROKK VODKA at $4.25, and some great rock music to kick off the week.

TUESDAYS it’s PBR night!  Just as it was meant to be – in 12 oz cans for only $2.00 – Dustin kicks off the afternoon, and Kelly closes the bar. Both Monday and Tuesday we have FREE POOL and our Wii machine is always ready for you.

WEDNESDAYS we have a weekly beer special – but you gotta come in to see what’s on special!  It changes from week to week – but it’s only $3.75. Kelly opens the bar, then Mikey comes on board at 9 pm – and holds our weekly Wii Bowlling Contest. Bowl the high game for the night and win a great prize.

THURSDAYS – Miller Pints and well drinks are $2.50, and all other drinks are only $3.50!  You can’t afford NOT to be here!  Come in and watch the mighty Cell Block dart teams dominate the boards starting at 8 pm, or join in on our open tournament starting after league play.

Cell Block