Beyond The Love Polyamory Weekend returns for fifth year

COLUMBUS, Ohio. — Whether you’re comfortably anchored in committed relationships ,just dipping your toe in the poly waters, or going wherever the tides take you, whatever floats your non-monogamous boat, chart a course for Beyond The Love!

Feeling a bit adrift? Jealousy have you as green-eyed as seaweed? Compersion as elusive as slippery eels? Something a bit fishy in your tacklebox of polyamorous relationship skills? Maybe you’re struggling to just keep swimming when you’re battered (and fried!) by the currents of mainstream society. Don’t worry, our presenters know the ropes, and we run a tight ship here. The coast is clear at Beyond The Love!

We’ve got more classes than a school of fish, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Don’t swallow Polyamory myths hook line and sinker! Rock the boat, ask the hard stuff, and make new friends in the process! Come on in, the water’s fine!

A glimpse through the spyglass shows: Meet & Greet Friday, LOTS of Classes all weekend long, Saturday Night Dance & Gaming Parlour, Lots and LOTS of Social Space, and SO MUCH MORE!

• Where: Columbus Ohio (location sent to registered ticket-holders)
• When: December 1-3, 2017
• Tickets: $84   (VIP Tickets: $129))
• Website:
• Follow us on Twitter! @beyondloveevent #BTL2017 #polyamory
• THEME: Under the Sea! (Did you guess??)