Beautiful Events for July, August

Beautiful Logo WebDETROIT – Volunteers for the Beautiful Resource Center are always needed.  Please call us at 313-733-8183 if you wish to volunteer at the center.

Please encourage your friends and family to donate today on-line at, monies collected on-line help us keep the Beautiful Resource Center and Beautiful Programs funded:

We receive no government funding for our program, for as little as $10.00 we can continue to support all the communities we serve.

Did you Know? HIV
Some think having HIV is as easy as taking a pill.  While it is true, due to the advancement in medications, HIV is not the death sentence from years past; but there are side effects and life changes that are required to stay healthy. The sooner a person is in treatment and making the necessary health adjustments, the better they can protect themselves, their partners, and live a long life.

Upcoming events:
July 11            Beautiful Resource Center                          POZ-itively Social
July 12-14       Hayloft Saloon, R&R Saloon Adam’s Apple  Country Expo
July 14            The Kinkdom                                              PUMPED
July 14            Salt River                                                   Metra Picnic
July 14            Hayloft Saloon                                            Summer Series on the Patio –
                                                                                         Movie: Best Little Whorehouse
In Texas
July 19-20       New Boston                                                Gay Camping Retreat
Aug 1              Beautiful Resource Center                          POZ-itively Social
Aug 3-5           Beautiful Resource Center                          POP Camp

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