Bears and leather group in Dayton

DAYTON — The Miami Valley Bears and Leather Men was , created to bring together men and women in the Greater Dayton area and those in the Tri State with interest in Leather Men Sirs,Boys,Masters,Pups, Handlers and Cowboys,Bears and Cubs.

We formed this group in February 2014 and have been amazed at the growth and evolution of our group. The goal of this group is to form a Social Club using Argos as a home bar as a place that men of similar interests can meet. We hope this can lead to inviting other Leather,Bear,Pup groups etc from neighboring cities and states.

This group is intended for discussions and invitations only. We ask that you do not post pictures of half naked men as this is not a cruising site. Feel free to invite others to join and any and all bear and leather groups as well as bars and campgrounds are very welcome as members. We also have a sub group Miami Valley Pups for pups and handlers as well .

One of the Cornerstones of our group is Growing together Our Motto is “Growing Together Strong” that means as we grow and come together we are strong as brothers. That’s not just in our group but for the entire region and beyond. we wont all other groups ,clubs,resorts etc to feel welcome in our group and welcome to post on our wall. coming together as brothers to support each other is our goal! We are continuing to evolve and grow in many directions. We now Have a Ghost Hunting Group Called Miami Valley Paranormal Society!

We have met some great brothers in neighboring Leather and Pup and bear groups.We will be posting many new events on our wall and be sure to click on our calendar not only to see our events but the events of the groups in our region. We hope to reach out to all with our group . To use our group as a means to unite other groups and all stand as brothers! We have been honored to co host events with our brother groups and look forward to more events this year.

We hope to take our group to the next level this year and also get more involved in the local community and support the mom and pop business that make this area special and also support ARC and there work in the Gay Community.We were also honored in a couple articles in some regional papers and had so many great guys and women join us.

We sure want to keep hearing input from all members in ways we can grow and be a better group. Our direct number for our group is (937) 476-1961 call us with questions or for information! and look for our annual Event at Roseland Appalachian Leather and Fetish we co-host with our brothers of Scorpius of Cincinnati every July !

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