August Roundtables at LRA

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New in the scene?… Bring your questions!
Been involved & doing it?… Share your experience!

August Roundtables
Saturday, August 16, 2014 · 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Our peer group discussions are forums in which to ask questions, explore ideas, express feelings. Each is a separate group- Tops/Dom/mes/Masters & Mistresses discussing freely among themselves only, as do Switches among themselves, and likewise Subs/Bottoms/Slaves among themselves.

Our purpose is to offer a safe space in which you can express yourself. This is also an opportunity to develop a supportive network, make new friends in the scene, and possibly to find a mentor.

(And if you’re someone who’s so new that you’re not even sure how you fit in, come anyway! Sit in on one of the groups- whichever feels like it might be a potential fit for yourself. A great way to dip your foot into the water.)

We all have questions, & life / lifestyle experience to share, so bring it to the Roundtables!

Please Note: The August Roundtables will be at the new LRA space.

“BYOC”… bring your own chair (folding or camp) or comfy cushion, if you can.

Due to the logistics of setting up the new LRA, we will be without a full complement of chairs on site this time.

We have chairs already there, for those who are in physical need or can’t bring their own. But the more of you who can bring yours, please do, in the spirit of helping out.

On the table for August:

Facilitators: Terry288, Twisted_Switch & Ghoast
Guest Facilitator: GiotheArrogant
TOPIC: “field trip”: inaugurating the 1st time in LRA’s new space with an open forum- bring any questions you want to explore as a Top

Facilitators: Wildewind & Bal
TOPIC: “sharing (bada boom-boom)”

Facilitator: EaZily_GigglEZ & MsOctopusLady
TOPIC: “Show & Tell” Bring out your toys!

The August Roundtables will take place at LRA.
To attend, you must be at least 19 years of age & have photo ID with you.

Also, be aware that LRA will be accessible for anyone using a wheelchair.

To R.S.V.P. for this session, please e-mail

There is no cost to attend this event. (Members of GD2 and LRA, however, should bring their membership cards.)


Galleria Domain 2 & LRA co-sponsor the Roundtables & under normal circumstances, we alternate between the two locations for our meetings. For the past several months, GD2 has graciously hosted while LRA acquired a new space. LRA is excited to again host every other month, starting this August. The Roundtables extend our appreciation to both clubs for their cooperative support.

Galleria Domain 2 (GD2)

For those involved in a chosen lifestyle or who are simply curious to meet, share and learn in a safe, controlled & private environment. Come on out and share with us your knowledge, ask your questions, or maybe even meet someone new to the lifestyle whom you might be able to assist as a mentor on their journey.